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VrShop PRO

Virtual Web Designs has an edge when building eCommerce sites because we never lose site of what the consumer wants and needs. Our approach is to make the process of purchasing online as familiar, easy and enjoyable for the user as possible.

We currently offer a full range of pre-written eCommerce software from a full eCommerce shop with either B2B or a full multishop version called VrShop PRO features to a online booking system incorporating a full eCommerce shop; we can also write customised modules for each of these packages, to suit your own needs.

VrShop PRO Package - £ 500 No extra costs


  • Unlimited Disk space
  • Control Panel - cPanel
  • Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Auto responders
  • Unlimited Multi Recipient Address
  • Webmail
  • CGI Scripting in Perl & C
  • PHP5.5.4x onwards
  • MySQLi 5 Database Server
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Unlimited Data Monthly Bandwidth
  • *FREE Lifetime membership to ‘’
  • And much more ….
  • 128 Bit Personal SSL Secure Server i.e https://

Website Designing & Software installation

  • Design Website to your specifications
  • Install Shopping basket software
  • Shopping Software 12 Months support
  • 6 months FREE Software upgrades, optional updates

VrShop PRO Features

  • General

    • Full multi-currency support
    • Full multi-language support
    • Support for Worldpay, SecureTrading, Pay Pal, Nochex, Protx, Offline credit card processing, and many more...
    • Unlimited products, sections and sub-sections
    • Digital Download product support including optional registration details
    • Product personalisation with fields the customer can fill in against products
    • Importing / Exporting routines
    • Full product and section searching available in your store
    • Easy to turn features on or off
    • Gift certificates
    • Create offer codes to give discounts on orders (New)
    • Suspend store quickly and easily should you need to
    • Free updates included in the price of the system
    • Encryption of any stored credit card numbers
    • Full backup and restore system built-in
    • Show associated products on the cart page, taken from all associated products of products in the cart


    • Quick and intuitive interface - more like an application than the web!
    • Unlimited administration accounts
    • Includes full logging of actions on administration accounts, including failed login attempts
    • Administration accounts can be disabled at the click of a button (apart from administrator account)
    • Ability to restrict areas of administration and actions to certain accounts
    • Variety of different features to keep your system secure
    • Ability to restrict areas of administration and actions to certain accounts (New)
    • Global product price changes (New)
    • Set maximum and minimum quantities that can be ordered for individual products attributes (New)


    • Unlimited sections and sub-sections including section depth
    • Special categories for special offers, top sellers, featured products, random products, best sellers etc.
    • Sections can be turned on or off at any time quickly and easily.

    Product Management

    • Stock control with email warnings at low stock trigger levels (can be set individually for each product). Stock control not only on product-level but also on variation-level
    • Cross selling and up selling facilities
    • Customer reviews (can be moderated)
    • Customer ratings
    • Fully extendable product fields including check boxes, select boxes, radio buttons, plain text and images
    • Full pricing based on quantity and / or options selected
    • Support for different weights, product codes and stock levels for different product variations
    • Products can be listed in as many sections as you like
    • Products can be turned on or off at any time quickly and easily
    • Products, product options or product pricing can be specific to customer type
    • Clone products easily
    • Include a One-Off / Setup cost for products
    • Set maximum and minimum quantities that can be ordered for individual products
    • Do a final stock check before checkout altering the customer to any stock problems
    • PDF File uploads (New)

    Customer Accounts

    • Full order history
    • Address books
    • Wish List
    • Ability to setup customer types for site wide discounts or special discounts
    • Allow customer account o use a separate deliver address

    Shipping & Tax

    • Full shipping and tax facilities
    • Shipping and tax down to the product level
    • Both country and county/state level tax supported
    • Add packaging costs to the shipping
    • Provide free shipping depending on certain criteria


    • Edit order lines, quantities and prices along with tax and shipping editing
    • Integration with many payment gateways
    • Take credit card details to process yourself
    • Offer multiple payment methods
    • Setup free shipping offers
    • Email and postal type gift certificates supported (Improved)
    • Order Management

      • Full order management
      • Dispatch functionality with order tracking features
      • Instant dispatch for digital products
      • Receipt / Invoice printing
      • Full order searching
      • Bulk order printing facility
      • Order status tracks orders throughout entire life
      • Full order editing and order creation in the administration system. Add/remove/update products on orders, change order details, shipping, tax and discounts.

      Supplier System

      • Assign suppliers to products along with supplier product codes
      • Automatically email suppliers for drop-shipping of orders
      • Set when you want supplier emails to be sent (you don't have to send emails to all suppliers, this is selectable).


        • Full reporting system for orders
        • Full log system which tracks pages viewed, sections viewed, and products viewed etc.
        • Analyse abandoned carts
        • Log reports including: browser, referrer, views by day etc.
        • Log search terms your customers are entering and see how many products and sections those terms found


        • Newsletter manager for sending emails to customers
        • And much more ....

*FREE lifetime membership to ‘’, only applies if you remain a customer of Webnetics UK Ltd., Virtual Web Designs or any other related business of Webnetics UK ltd.