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Website Optimisation Report

Having decided on the keywords for your web site, you have to optimise your web pages for these keywords to achieve high search engine rankings.

Submitting your web site to search engines is pointless if your web pages aren't optimised for search engines. Either your site's ranking will be extremely poor or it will not be indexed at all.

Search Engine Ranking Company we use a simple, straightforward and proven search engine optimisation technique as standard.

We�compare your web site with those sites currently having the top 10 rankings for your keywords on Google (either or By definition, these sites are doing something right!

We analyse the HTML coding of these top 10 sites to see what success factors that have in common.

We compare this analysis with your own web site.

We produce a detailed report of the specific actions (no waffle or generalities!) you should take to make it possible for your site to achieve a comparable ranking to those of your competitors.

Tell us:

- your web site address

- your selected keywords

- whether you want optimisation for or

and we will:

Produce a comprehensive optimisation analysis report for your web site's home page so that you know what to do to really start competing on the web!!


If you don't have a comprehensive optimisation analysis of your web site how will you know whether changes you make are improving things and not making things worse?!

How much confidence have you got that your web site will get to the top of the search engine rankings through blind trial and error?

Do you think your competitors have got to their high search engine positions through luck or by professional analysis and evidence-based actions?