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Virtual Web Designs always offers the best services for its customers. That is why we provide not only your presence on the internet but also offer web solutions to make your presence as impressive as possible. Our web development team has experience in PHP 5, Perl, HTML, XML, JavaScript, and Ajax as well as all development tools from Adobe, Microsoft, Macromedia, Zend, NuSphere, and Corel.

Virtual Web Designs have been developing high quality bespoke software since its inception. Our expertise in PHP and MySQL server programming languages allows us to create reliable bespoke software applications cost effectively and on time. By writing applications custom made to your requirements we can make your businesses more efficient and profitable, allowing you to provide a more effective service to your customers.

We can provide on site programming, support and consultation. We can also just as effectively provide these services remotely. Our software development and maintenance services are available on a short or long term contract basis.

We always quote on a per job basis and all our prices are fixed. So no extra cost to you.

For further details or a quote please contact us

We have also writtern bespoke software for:


  Bespoke eCommerce system
Bespoke Client Area, for uploading documents.
Bespoke CMS System
Bespoke - CMS and Selling Area
Bespoke customised software for the Ro-man group
Bespoke SMS software for Jethro Ltd
Bespoke eCommece Software


Some Examples of what we can do for you:

  • Complete Content Management  (Infinite pages, navbar control, images, and much much more)

  • Online Reservation Systems  (for services, venues or products)

  • SMS Text Interfacing  (send automated information or replies - and receive queries)

  • MMS Mobile Interfacing  (send audio clips, video clips, images and even ringtones)

  • Estate Agent Management Systems  (from detailed searching to automated matching SMS texts)

  • Ecommerce Solutions  (accept credit-card payments online)

  • High Volume Membership Sites  (with large-scale sophisticated pattern matching)

  • Event Ticketing Systems  (with or without assigned seating or allocations)

  • Context Sensitive Advertising  (customers have individual interests)

  • Detailed Visitor (and Staff) Tracking  (with keystrokes and timestamps)

  • forum and Discussion Groups  (freeform or moderated)

  • CV Processing and Matching Systems  (increase automation within your office)

  • Newsletters  (publish, distribute, archive and search)

  • Inventory Management Systems  (to assist customer online ordering)

  • Online Project Management Systems  (track projects and deadlines)

  • Online Sales Management Tools  (call tracking and other sales tools)

  • Automated Email Management  (send prewritten emails at the touch of a button)

  • Accessibility and Multilingual Content  (support all audiences on the internet)

  • Note Systems  (for internal or external communications)

  • Online Games and Quizzes  (such as Scrabble or Hearts - keep them coming back)

  • Business And Private Chat  (freeform or recorded minutes)