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128 Bit Personal SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) allows a secure communication channel to be set up between the server and your customer’s browser. Once this connection has been made, information, like credit card numbers, can be exchanged with no chance of a third party intercepting the data.

With Personal SSL your site will be accessed securely via its own domain name i.e. A static IP address with its own secure server is configured for your site and a 128bit SSL certificate registered for your organisation and installed upon it.

For eCommerce sites Personal SSL provides the ultimate assurance that you are a verified and legitimate site giving your customers the confidence to buy from your site. SSL certificates for Personal SSL are issued by and your identity verified by the Comodo trusted certification authority.

The cost of a Personal SSL certificate is renewable ever year, and the current price for this is £ 99.00 p.a payable 30 days before the anniversary date.


Personal SSL with Dedicated IP address £ 99 Per Year