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Pay By Click

Pay per click search engines allow you to get text ad listings and keyword specific coverage in major search engines rapidly, and pay only for the traffic delivered.

By bidding against specific keywords and phrases, your listings appear across a network of searchengines and search portals such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AskJeeves when those keyword searchesare performed. The higher you bid, the higher you rank, and you only pay per click for the highly qualified traffic driven to your website.

Pay per click is a precise way to quickly drive traffic at a price and rate that is controllable by you. This makes it ideal for tactical marketing such as sales promotions, and even as an interim measure toaccompany your other search engine optimisation activity.

The model is simple, transparent and flexible. It adds real-time measurement and performance related payment to the existing on-line marketing methods. Paying by results allows you to keep tight controlof your costs; measure sales, conversion rates and provides a benchmark of lead-to-sale ratios forother marketing activity.