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Webnetics UK Ltd. . provides high quality, cost effective website hosting, website designing and other internet solutions to private entrepreneurs and companies through-out the UK.

Company History

The company was established in 2001 as a software development & hosting company. In those heady days of the "dot com boom", our services sold quickly and the company grew rapidly, we moved to our own dedicated servers in mid 2003. The real world experience we had of hosting gave us an understanding of the limitations and inadequacies of hosting & website designing solutions on the market at that time, enabling us to create customised hosting solutions and web designing solutions at a low cost, when other companies where charging more for the same services.

Webnetics UK is a software development, designing and hosting company focused on web applications. We offer bespoke solutions, including website creation, eCommerce development, database integration, hosting, and managed services, supporting your organisation's total online presence. We at Webnetics UK focus on one simple, honest value statement: Our clients' success is our only priority. Webnetics UK offers the eBusiness services you need to make your business a success. Website design, eCommerce development, and custom web software needs will be met with speed and precision by our highly trained team of IT professionals.

The professionals at Webnetics UK have the skills to handle your most demanding projects. Our staff is skilled in a wide range of information technology tools and techniques. Our project leads and technical architects have more than 20 years of combined software development and business analysis experience. Our junior developers and application engineers are constantly undergoing professional development activities and training to ensure that they meet our standards of excellence.

In December 2010 we then bought Virtual Web Designs from Webnetics UK Ltd.

The Webnetics UK Advantage

Key factors set us apart from the competition:

Exceptional Customer Service

Everyone says they are " Putting Customers First " and why wouldn't they? Customers are the lifeblood of any enterprise. At Webnetics UK, we're no different - except that we go that bit further; we try harder to ensure that our customers get more than they expected. Our support desk is staffed by the same knowledgeable experts that develop and maintain our products and servers; your call or email will always be answered by a real person able and empowered to deal with your query or problem. What's more, our friendly, devoted team will tailor their response to your level of technical expertise so whatever your level of knowledge, you'll find we speak your language.

Commercial Stability

Our servers and intellectual property are fully owned and managed by us, we do not depend on any other company to provide your services and have complete control and flexibility over our assets ensuring that we are always able to provide the optimum service for our clients.


Innovation is something we've built our business upon. We continually enhance our services with new features and benefits, creating new ways for customers to exploit emerging technologies and the latest ideas. Our product development is led by feedback from our users, if you would like a feature added to your hosting service or new features to our existing range of software, let us know!


Our commitment to using premium quality equipment and building resilience into our solutions, coupled with our expert technical knowledge and experience means you can be confident that your business critical web site is always online. We consistently achieve 100% availability month in month out and our reputation for reliability is emphasised by customer testimonials.